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The Show of Jiuzhai is a performance show with the largest investment, the most application of technologies, the most content of original ecology culture of Zang People and Qiang People. With the help of the initiative 5D live-action and the high technological methods, the horrifying scene of Wenchuan Earthquake in Sichuan in 2008 is represented: the whole theater and thousands of seats are vibrating, 3000 cubic meters of flood is pouring down immediately.


Add:Jiuzhai Romance Park, Zhangzha Town, Jiuzhaigou County, China

  • Play I: The Legend of Jiuzhai
  • Play II: The Fighting Song of Ancient Qiang Nationality
  • Play III: Han-Tibetan Peace-Making Marriage
  • Play IV: Boundless Love
  • End: World of Luck

Play I: The Legend of Jiuzhai

Legend is the smoothest interpretation for the nature by ancient ancestors. The origin of Jiuzhaigou derives from many legends. A beautiful legend has once deeply touched people……

Play II: The Fighting Song of Ancient Qiang Nationality

Qiang nationality is an old and brave nationality. During the perennial migration and expedition, they have developed national spirit of their own. This day, Sharon and her sisters are missing their relatives fighting far away in the moonlight.

Play III: Han-Tibetan Peace-Making Marriage

Beautiful love stories have become the old memory of Jiuzhaigou. A true legend through the ages has been vigorously put on the stage of Jiuzhai. This is the story of the marriage between Princess Wencheng and Srongtsen Gampo. In A.D. 641, Princess Wencheng followed her father’s (Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty) order to make peace by marriage in Tibet.

A big crowd accompanied Princess Wencheng to enter Tibet, including experts and scholars in architecture, medicine, farming and textile. Princess Wencheng has spread Han’s culture to Tibetan regime, boosting local economic and social development, forging the peace and prosperity of the Tang Dynasty and Tibetan.

Play IV: Boundless Love

At 14:00, May 12, 2008, Wenchuan’s great earthquake shocked the world. Rescues reached the disaster area at once. Boundless love is thus shown in calamity.

All the people united together and fight for each other. The fearless, indomitable and powerful earthquake relief effort has proved that disasters can regenerate a nation. Chinese nation is invincible in front of any difficulties and obstacles.

End: World of Luck

Touching stories gathered here. The beautiful songs went on here. The magnificent landscapes reappeared here. Aba Prefecture has become a world of luck.

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