Songcheng Group is a large Chinese cultural group. Its subsidiary Songcheng Performance is the first listed company in the performing arts sectors and one of the Global Top Ten Theme Park Operators. Its success has been recognized and awarded as the "Top 30 Culture Enterprises", for eleven consecutive years. The main business of the group is cultural performance productions, tourist destinations, entertainment, and theme hotels, etc. It has established recognized brands such as "Songcheng" and celebrated "Romance Show". The industrial chain covers tourism and leisure, live entertainment, and Internet entertainment, with total assets of more than 70 billion yuan.
Songcheng Group always adheres to the correct orientation, tells Chinese stories with Chinese culture, and continuously releases masterpieces to eulogize Party, eulogize Motherland, eulogize People, and eulogize Heroes. It has created a timeless artistic image, spread truth, goodness and beauty, and promoted national self-confidence. The ideology, artistry and marketability are highly unified, and good social and economic benefits have been achieved.
To date, Songcheng Group is taking "Performing Arts, Tourism, International, Technology, IP, KOL" as its strategic guidance, and dozens of major tourist destinations and performance parks have been built and under construction with hundreds of romance shows and performing arts shows. The company has 74 theaters of various types with 175,000 seats in total, exceeding the total number of seats in the world’s two major theater centers in West End, London and Broadway, New York, achieved the "one" in different and significant categories in the world's performing arts industry: : Number of theaters, number of seats, number of performances, number of audiences, and profit of annual performances.
In the future, Songcheng will continue to adhere to the people-centered creative orientation, and write Chinese stories with varies performance forms. Songcheng Group, a Chinese cultural aircraft carrier!

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