Songcheng Art Troupe

Songcheng Art Troupe is one of the core parts of Songcheng Performance. It is a professional art group that was established with the approval of the national authority. It consists of multiple Romantic Show Art Troupes locating in Hangzhou, Sanya, Lijiang, Jiuzhai, Guilin, Zhangjiajie, Xi’an, Shanghai etc., as well as the Songcheng Caravan Art Troupe.

Songcheng Art Troupe has produced more than 300 performing art shows of various kinds in succession since established, including the Romantic Show Series (16 shows altogether) which includes the Romantic Show of Songcheng, Sanya, Lijiang, Jiuzhai, Guilin, Zhangjiajie, Xi’an, Shanghai, Tanhe, and Mingyue; besides, there are also other grand shows like The Earthquake, Azalea, Lijiang Love Song. All these shows have received high public recommendation and popularity.

Addr:148 Zhijiang Road, Hangzhou, China
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